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Pest Control in Wichita Kansas is more than just stepping on a few bugs, then calling it a day.  American Pest Management takes more pride in our work than that.  Our mission is making your family our family.  Since 1979, we have worked on building a reputation in Kansas for not just pest solutions, but for building relationships with homeowners and business owners.  Sure, ridding homes and businesses of pests in Wichita is what we are great at, but truth be told, pest control is not as easy as some may think

Our pest control staff has years of classroom education, certification classes, and training courses, as learning about all of the types of treatments that are available keeps us on the cutting edge of pest control.  With two entomologists on staff, we can identify any one of hundreds of types of insects that can infest your home. We understand specifically how each one of them must be treated to eliminate that pest infestation.  Below, you will see more about how we work and what you should expect from your pest control company in Wichita, KS.

Which Pest Control Guy Is Going To Show Up At Your Home?

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American Pest Control Wichita Staff

Superior Pest Control

With Our Detailed Process

30 Minutes Pest Audit

Many Wichita pest control companies give you a price over the phone, and when you get there, they whack you with hidden charges.  We believe that pest control should be simple and an enjoyable experience.  First, we offer a (completely free) 30 minute pest control evaluation.  We identify your exact pest problem, and then we give you a tailored bid to fix only what you need.  This ensures that we keep your pest control cost down while solving your greatest problems and meeting your needs.

Fix Your Pest Infestation

After your 30 minute pest control inspection, we will sit with you as long as your need (or as little as you want) to explain our services and the options you have to ensure to not only solve your pest infestation, but we will guarantee to solve any other pest problems we find.  In many cases, we offer various preventative pest solutions for your home or office.

What Makes Our Pest Services Superior!

Additional Pest Infestations Fixed As We Find Them!

With most properties, we find there are pests looking for a way to destroy your property or make their way into your home!  As we treat your property for pest infestations that you have seen, it is often that we run across these other pest problems.  We will solve your pest problems at no extra (typically) no extra charge, then notify you of our findings and solutions, at no extra cost for you.  If ever a cost would be involved, we will contract you before we take any action.

Better Than We Found It.

Our momma’s taught us right! While treating properties for pests, we often see some trash laying around.  We will pick up the trash.  If a light is left on, we will turn it off.  If the door should be closed to save the AC, we close it.  We work to leave your property better than it was when we arrived.  Do you need something more than offered?  Just ask.  We are here to serve you as family, not just a client.

Pest Control Services We Offer

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